Top 10 Trends In Suburban Construction In 2024

New approaches and trends in the construction of country houses appear every year, influencing the development of the industry as a whole. Construction technologies change, other styles appear, or the design of past centuries returns – you need to keep track of all the changes in order to stay up to date on the construction market and choose relevant solutions, thinking about your own suburban housing. In this article, we will take a closer look at the main trends in private housing construction that have become popular in 2024.

The growing popularity of one-story housesTop 10 Trends In Suburban Construction In 2024

In 2024, the popularity of one-story country houses has increased several times compared to previous years. Many future homeowners are interested in low-rise construction, thinking about comfort and maximum convenience of living. This is especially true for families with small children or the elderly. Moving in the plane of one floor greatly simplifies life in a private house and makes it safer for all family members.

In addition, choosing a one-story house project is a step towards greater rationality and functionality. One-story planning is much more ergonomic in terms of home maintenance: for example, less money will be spent on heating in the winter season than in a two-story house. The construction of two-story buildings also requires more costs for installation, communications and building materials. The design of modern one-story houses is in no way inferior in aesthetics to the architectural and stylistic embodiment of traditional two-story buildings.

House areaTop 10 Trends In Suburban Construction In 2024

Huge living spaces, popular before, are no longer in trend in modern housing construction. Both architects and customers themselves are striving to create more compact, functional and ergonomic layouts in which the space of the house will be used rationally. Smaller houses require less maintenance and tax costs. Therefore, many homeowners are increasingly coming to the conclusion that they simply do not need too large areas. At the same time, the layouts are carefully verified and thought out with the expectation of a comfortable stay for all family members. As a result, the house turns out to be universal – the interior space of the house with a small area and a convenient layout is easier to sell when selling, if needed in the future.

Eco-friendly materialsTop 10 Trends In Suburban Construction In 2024

In 2024, in modern projects of country houses, preference is given to the use of natural, environmentally friendly materials. In Russia, the eco-trend is only gaining momentum, while in the West, eco-friendly construction has been one of the current trends for more than a year. The natural materials used in construction speak not only of caring for the environment and the rational use of natural resources, but also of attention to one’s own health. For example, in houses made of glued laminated timber, it is easier to breathe and sleep better, as they are made from natural coniferous wood, which releases useful phytoncides into the air.

Living in such a house has a beneficial effect on the well-being of residents. Home interiors often use recycled materials. Materials for exterior and interior decoration are also preferably used with a natural composition, or with minimal inclusion of chemicals.

The trend towards minimalismTop 10 Trends In Suburban Construction In 2024

Minimalism can be safely called one of the main trends in private architecture over the past few years. There are so many details and visual content in the wide information field that the modern world is presented that in arranging and building their own home, most homeowners strive to get rid of the excess and leave as much free space as possible. Restraint in architecture and laconic design are characteristic of many modern styles used in the design of country houses: for example, Scandinavian style, loft, hi-tech. Particular attention in minimalism is paid to the quality of the materials used, the operational and decorative properties of which have not changed over the years.

Energy Saving TechnologiesTop 10 Trends In Suburban Construction In 2024

One of the popular modern technologies that have taken root in suburban construction is the use of renewable resources. Alternative energy sources, generated by special devices and devices, allow the building to provide for itself. This also leads to a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient use of the home’s living space.

Large glass areaTop 10 Trends In Suburban Construction In 2024

Panoramic windows are another popular trend in construction that has firmly won the suburban market. Large windows in the house – from floor to ceiling – not only fill the interior space with natural light from the street, but also advantageously transform the building both inside and out. Such windows fit perfectly into any architectural style today, and even conservative classics can easily adopt the trend for a large glazing area. Panoramic windows make it possible to erase the boundary between living quarters and the surrounding landscapes, making human life closer to nature.

Blind entrance doors – both front and terrace – can be replaced with translucent ones in order to continue the general trend towards building glazing. Thanks to modern technologies, high-strength double-glazed windows are used in the windows, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your home.

Plinth finish

Finishing the basement of the building protects the walls from the negative effects of moisture, provides thermal protection for basements and performs an architectural and decorative function, aesthetically transforming the building. The fashionable trend of recent years has been the decoration of the plinth with materials imitating natural minerals. This texture perfectly complements the wooden facades of the house, looks very stylish and copes well with the main functions of the basement decoration of the house. Also, plaster, facade panels are used as cladding. From a wide range of shades and textures, you can always choose something suitable for the stylistic features of the building.

Based on the trends described above, we can conclude that by 2024 the active development of the suburban construction sector in the direction of comfort, rationality and high functionality is taking place along with an increase in the level of legibility of homeowners. The general trend towards an environmentally friendly approach to construction and lifestyle largely dictates to society new values and new preferences for home improvement.

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