18 Construction Engineers Work Prospects With Their Salaries

How much do construction engineers make

How much do construction engineers make? If you like working in detail, and are also interested in building and construction, you can consider the prospects for this Construction engineers work. The task of controlling the building surveyor is only to ensure that all applicable regulations and legislation are followed by ongoing construction. if it does not fulfill it, you as a building control surveyor are obliged to provide a solution to the client.

You also help to take care of licensing documents if necessary, and must check the foundation and drainage system of the land to be built. All of that, of course, the aim is security for all parties. if the description makes you interested, the prospect of working in Construction engineers on this one may you find out more.

Building construction consultant

If the previous Construction engineers job prospect is to talk about a surveyor for a building, this Construction engineers work prospect will focus more on your role as Project Manager. Your work can include buildings, coastline development, dam construction, to highway construction. Well, your job is to manage and oversee the ongoing construction, manage the development budget, and also see the potential risks that can occur with ongoing development.

This Construction engineers job prospect requires more creativity from you, and also your ability to design what your clients will build. So for those of you who can imagine more to apply to your building, the prospect of working in Construction engineers on this one can be suitable.

Civil engineer contractor

Construction engineers employment prospects are closely related to previous prospects, namely building construction consultants. The civil engineer contractor will turn the plans made by the consultant into reality. Those who will see how the situation is real on the field, and how to apply what has been made by the consultant.

As a contractor, the prospect of this Construction engineers work requires you to be able to professionally manage all people and material resources that are on the construction site. In some projects without a consultant, the contractor is also tasked with making his own plans, which he will see and apply in actual conditions.

Construction site engineer

As for the prospect of this Construction engineers work, the work is more inclined towards technical, organizing, and supervision. You are tasked with determining the location of infrastructure development, both those related above and below ground. You are the one who will make and later apply the plan related to building construction there.

Don’t forget, you should pay attention to health and safety in the area too. Your work will get you in touch with architects, construction managers, planners, other engineers, subcontractors, supervisors, to surveyors.

Structural engineer

This structural engineer is a prospect of Construction engineers work that combines mathematics and science creatively, to design building structures and solve problems.

Sound like you? If so, this means that the prospects for Construction engineers work are right for you. Structural engineers must design building structures that withstand the pressure from the surrounding environment, and from human use later. You must ensure that the building does not turn, spin, or vibrate, and even break during use. In addition to applying to newly planned buildings, this also applies to existing buildings.

Water engineer

Maybe the prospect of working in Construction engineers this one sounds unique huh, water engineer. As the name implies, this Construction engineers work prospect is suitable for you who are happy with challenges related to solving global warming problems, aging infrastructure, as well as population development, and quality of life standards related to water.

The projects that you will be working on are for example the provisions of clean water, waste water disposal, and flood prevention. To be sure, in this Construction engineers job prospect, your main job is for asset management. For example, repairing and maintaining building structures that control water sources, such as sea dikes.

Construction manager

For you who have a high leadership spirit and are able to solve problems well, the prospect of working in Construction engineers as a construction manager should be considered. As a manager, of course your responsibilities are greater, and more things will be demanded of you. You will work closely with architects, surveyors, and also other planning and implementation departments. You are tasked with overseeing and also giving direction, and making sure all your team members work according to a plan that has been mutually agreed upon.

The projects that you are working on will revolve around residences, commercial buildings, industry, infrastructure, and the environment. Don’t forget, your communication skills are required to be good in this Construction engineers work prospect. Whether it’s communication with team members, with clients, even the parties related to development.

Patent Attorney

Don’t be confused with the title of the lawyer, this Construction engineers employment prospect can actually be your reference. For you who graduated from Construction engineers and have an interest in the field of law, the prospect of working as a patent attorney can be for you. As a patent attorney, you will be tasked with assessing whether something is new and innovative, so that a patent is eligible. Of course, because it is related to additional domains outside construction engineers, you will get training and also related to patents and knowledge about intellectual property.

Whatever the prospect of construction engineers work you want, make sure that it truly suits your interests and talents. Naturally, if you have not found the prospect of construction engineers work at the beginning of your lecture now. The prospects for construction engineers work can be found in your last year of college, along with a pathway to get it straight away.

Construction Manager

As a construction manager you will work as a leader who will provide direction in a construction project. You also play the role of supervisor of the project. The salary that can be obtained by the construction manager is around $76,571/year.


Surveyors are one of the promising professions for construction engineers graduates. Surveyors have the task of ensuring that a development project follows the applicable regulations. This profession has the opportunity to earn a salary of around$93,971/year.


Drafter is a profession in charge of making working drawings based on rough sketches that have been made by architects in building projects. Drafter can get a salary starting from $64k every year.

Project Manager

This project manager is one of the most favored opportunities or prospects for construction engineers work. As the name implies you will act as a manager in a project. Salary that can be obtained per month is approximately $90,139/year.

Structural Planner

Structural planner in charge of compiling the planning of building structures that will be done. This profession can get a salary offer of approximately $68,548/year.

Contractor Director

If this one profession, from the name alone is predictably have a high income. A contractor director can get a salary of $15,1508/year. However, to occupy this position you also have to start from scratch.

Director of Planning Consultants

Every development project will need a planning consultant. You can start from the beginning until you become a consultant consultant director. This profession has a salary prospect of $124,549per year.

Quality Control

As a construction engineers graduate you can choose a quality control profession. This profession promises a sizable salary of around $82,018per year.

Project implementers

This profession is suitable for you who like to work directly in the field. As a project implementer you have a great responsibility until the project is completed. Project executive salaries of around $67,976 per year.

Site Manager

Site manager is a profession that is responsible for the technical planning and operational control of a project. The salary that can be accepted by this profession is around $63,427per year.

There are many good opportunities that you can get by becoming a construction engineers graduate. But keep in mind that all this can only be you can work hard. Hopefully this article about opportunities or prospects for construction engineers work can motivate you!

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