6 New Home Building Technology That Can Change The World

Construction technologies are being improved with incredible swiftness, which cannot be said about residential buildings under construction. But recently, new building materials have been created that several times reduce the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere by residential buildings, increase their heat saving, and significantly reduce maintenance costs.

In recent years, several new self-healing materials have already been created, revolutionary methods of heating and cooling buildings have been developed. New home building technology is being introduced that allow homes, like plants, to cleanse the environment from urban smog.

1. New building material – energy-efficient 3D-printed brick with cooling

One of the new technologies in construction is brick, which is made of ceramic using Cool Brick technology developed by Emerging Objects. It has a small, multi-porous structure, various sizes and shapes. The walls made of this brick are a grid, which is an excellent alternative to the traditional air conditioning system in hot, dry climates.

The fact is that Cool Brick, in fact, is a sponge consisting of many pores that absorb moisture, that is, are almost filled with water. The hot air passing through it, absorbing moisture, cools well.

The method developed by this company allows printing ceramic bricks using a 3D printer. At the same time, the construction made of this brick allows you to fully implement the traditional method of independent cooling of the premises.New Home Building Technology

Fig. 1 New building material – brick with cooling

2. New technologies in construction – smog-absorbing buildings

It certainly sounds fantastic, but this technology already exists. Visually, it may seem that a building constructed according to this system does not have much beauty, but this is only at first glance. It has something exotic in it. This appearance is given to the building by biodynamic white concrete, capable of absorbing particles of smog from the atmosphere, converting them into an inert salt. So there is a complete cleansing of the smog of the environment.New Home Building Technology

Fig. 2 New technologies in construction – smog-absorbing buildings

3. New technologies in construction – alternative algae energy

The first house in the world to generate electricity from algae was built in the German city of Hamburg. The building was built as an experimental structure and is used by a testing center that develops new ideas for energy supply of the city.

Thanks to new technologies in construction, on the facade of this building are biological reactors with seaweeds in them, which are constantly blown with air, which supplies them with carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. All conditions similar to their permanent marine habitat are created for algae. In the warm season, especially in direct sunlight, algae begin their intensive growth, creating a normal shadow and generating electricity, as well as biomass for food. The result is excellent energy savings.New Home Building Technology

Fig. 3 New technologies in construction – alternative algae energy

4. New building material – self-healing concrete

When designing the construction of a building, the question of its durability is almost constantly raised. No one has the desire to spend huge amounts of money and waste time on its capital reconstruction. But researchers from the Netherlands managed to solve this problem. They managed to develop a new type of building white cement , which can be restored spontaneously with the help of a certain type of bacteria and calcium lactic acid.

The living bacteria contained in the cement slurry absorb calcium lactic acid and then produce limestone. And he, in turn, fills all microcracks and pores, while restoring the microscopic destruction of concrete to its original state.New Home Building Technology

Fig. 4 New building material – self-healing concrete

5. New technologies in construction – glass roofing

SolTech from Switzerland has developed a unique glass roof tile for roofing buildings. At the same time, the solar cells built into the tile through which the sun’s rays pass are used to heat the water, and it, in turn, is used for the heating system and the generation of electrical energy. Due to this quality of glass tiles, a considerable energy saving is obtained when using. Also read about rubber tile this article.New Home Building Technology

Fig. 5 New technologies in construction – glass roofing

6. New building material – mushroom house

Everyone knows such a product, donated by nature, as a mushroom. But no one knows that it can also be a good new building material. For example, Ecovative has developed and implemented a method for constructing the world’s first mushroom mycelium house. The house is 2.1 meters wide and 3.6 meters long and fits freely in a car trailer.New Home Building Technology

Fig. 6 New building material – mushroom house

The company sees the mushroom as a sustainable, and environmentally friendly building material. In addition, the mushroom is quite fire resistant, has the qualities of good noise protection, and excellent insulation. Read the advantages and disadvantages of various heaters here.

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