The latest technologies in construction

The construction of multi-storey buildings is a complex, lengthy and responsible process. Construction companies are trying to build houses in such a way that they are warm, reliable, well soundproofed and at the same time built at the lowest possible cost. For this, developers are increasingly using new technologies in the construction of multi-storey buildings.

When using modern technologies, developers adhere to several main goals:

  • Make your home the best it can be.
  • Reduce construction time.
  • Reduce home building costs.
The latest technologies in construction
Residential complex “Schengen” from the Real Estate Corporation RIEL

What innovative changes have taken place in recent years?

In the last 10-20 years, many technologies and solutions have appeared in construction, which are often used by developers. Let’s consider several innovative changes that are now actively used by Ukrainian developers, and even ten years ago, almost nothing was known about them in Ukraine:

  1. BIM (Building Information Modeling). This is an information modeling that allows you to evaluate the profitability of the project. Thanks to the program, the developer can quickly prepare the necessary documents, as well as calculate the profit that he will receive from the construction.
  2. The use of 3D printers for construction. Only advanced construction companies use printers to make some elements of the house. But there are already several houses in the world built exclusively with a 3D printer. The difficulty of using this technology lies in its high cost.
  3. Solar panels on the roof. An increasing number of companies are using green energy to power their homes. It is often impossible to fully meet the needs of residents in electricity with the help of solar panels, but it can be partially done. Such a project allows residents to be, to some extent, independent of the central energy supply of the city. In addition, the panels have a long service life.
  4. The use of drones. With the help of drones, you can take pictures from a height, assess the scale of construction, and find problem areas. The drone also helps to assess the infrastructure nearby and take some beautiful promotional photos for investors. These devices are also used for safety. If we are talking about a large object, then it is quite difficult for the guards to get around it, so round-the-clock patrolling with a drone is a great solution.

There are other new technologies in the construction of multi-storey buildings. We have considered only the most interesting ones and those that are actively implemented by Ukrainian construction companies.

The latest technologies in construction
LCD “America” from the Real Estate Corporation RIEL


New technologies in construction are used by many developers, including the Real Estate Corporation RIEL. But the current building codes remain the same. Three main technologies are used in the construction of buildings:

  • monolithic technology. Its feature is the use of removable formwork made of wood panels, plastic, foam. The formwork is poured with ready-mixed concrete, which is trampled on with a special building vibrator. As soon as the mixture becomes completely dry and hardened, the formwork is removed. Thanks to this technology, a residential building turns out to be a reliable monolithic object in which water supply, ventilation, heating, sewerage and power supply systems are connected.
  • Panel construction of the hull. Panel high-rise buildings are structures made of solid reinforced concrete slabs, which have recently been increasingly replaced by so-called sandwich panels (a three-layer product made of two layers of reinforced concrete and a layer of insulation between them). In Ukraine, many multi-storey buildings of the last century were built using panel technology. Now it is used by many developers. The main advantage of this technology is the high speed of construction, because the building is assembled as a constructor.
  • Technology of brick construction. Brick houses have long been considered the most comfortable and reliable. In summer they heat up little, and in winter they provide good sound insulation. To date, brick construction technology is used mainly in the construction of houses up to 4-12 floors. This is due to the high cost of such houses and not the highest pace of construction. In addition, in cases of using low-quality bricks and non-compliance with the requirements of masonry, the tightness of the walls may be violated.
The latest technologies in construction
LCD “Great Britain” from the Real Estate Corporation RIEL

What new technologies are actively used by construction companies?

The latest technologies in construction have helped construction companies simplify many processes, as well as achieve the highest quality. Many technologies are aimed at reducing construction time and, as a result, reducing costs.

  • Penetrating waterproofing. The essence of this technology is the impregnation of concrete with a special solution that penetrates into the pores and crystallizes. Due to this, the penetration of moisture is blocked, and the service life of the structure is significantly increased.
  • Fixed formwork. This development is now very popular in the construction of houses. Its advantages are the low cost of housing and the high speed of construction. This development provides monolithic walls, but the formwork itself does not need to be removed.
  • Smog absorption. Such houses absorb all harmful impurities deposited on the surface of the building. Now this technology is actively used in Japan, but it is relevant for large cities, including Kyiv.
  • Stretched armature. This is a method of hardening steel, thanks to which the reinforcement is heavy duty and able to withstand heavy loads. This technology is increasingly being used in the construction of buildings with heavy loads on walls and ceilings.

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