Chat GPT 4 Tricks: 4 uses for the chatbot in everyday life that are completely morally justifiable

The so-called ChatGPT, which is made up of different language models. It is able to create new texts based on voice and image input. Despite the many advantages in areas such as marketing, it and AI tools in general are criticized from an ethical point of view because, for example, diploma theses can be generated so quickly and without any personal work. The artificial intelligence (AI) from OpenAI can be really useful in everyday life. We have listed 4 everyday uses for which you can try Chat GPT 4 – the moral way.

Chat GPT 4 Tricks – The AI ​​tool is useful in everyday life

chatbot from openai use its usefulness in everyday tasks without plagiarism

As long as you don’t pass off the generator’s work as your own and thereby make a profit, there is actually nothing stopping you from using this useful tool to your advantage in everyday life. The search engine Bing, for example, already worked with the older version of GPT, so you may have already used it many times without knowing it. Artificial intelligence can help you in many areas. So, what could you use Chat GPT 4 for?

Plan your trips intelligently

Of course, we don’t mean that you simply enter your travel destination and Chat GPT 4 then does the search and booking for you. The tool can’t do that. However, it can create a plan for you that not only outlines the various goals for you, but also possible activities and activities as well as accommodation. To do this, however, you need to provide the AI ​​with the right information, i.e. everything that is relevant to you (budget, vacation duration, how much free time you have available for activities per day, etc.). The text created by Chat GPT 4 can then contain all the necessary information to make your planning easier.

Try Chat GPT 4 for intelligent scheduling

chat gpt 4 try out tricks for everyday life with artificial intelligence

Full schedule and you’ve somehow lost track of things? Chat GPT 4 is your savior! You give the chatbot all of your planned appointments for a certain period of time and can have it reschedule and reorganize them in order to distribute and use the times more effectively. This gives you a quick overview of where open appointments are still available.

Do some research

What Google has to offer, Chat GPT 4 can also do in many ways. You can search for information, have texts translated and even have new texts generated – of course only for your own use! However, the text created can then serve as inspiration for your own text, because the chatbot collects information from countless sources, so you may come up with new ideas or inventions, which you can then use as a basis for your own creative text.

Create lists of recommendations with Chat GPT 4

Be it a list of films/series with certain actors or genres or books and recipes for which you want to use certain ingredients – Chat GPT 4 will help you and quickly find the right one. You can also use this for music tracks. Surely there are one or two bands/singers who exactly meet your taste in music, but whom you have never heard of.