New Technology For Construction Houses And Cottages

New Technology For Construction Houses And Cottages Technological progress has affected all spheres of human activity, including construction. If half a century ago, houses were built over the years with great financial and labor costs, now new technologies in the construction of cottages make it possible to reduce this process by many times.

The KyivNovBud company, successfully applying modern technologies, has finished and under construction objects. Nowadays, there are a large number of different technologies for rapid construction, the main difference between them is the material used. Often, preference is given to a cheaper option, if you analyze how much it costs to build a house. Below are the most popular new technologies used for quick construction.

Aerated concrete cottage

Aerated concrete houses are easy to build without even having much construction experience. Aerated concrete blocks are made of cement, lime and sand, relate to cellular concrete with a porous structure. They are easy to process, so they are increasingly gaining popularity as a building material. Aerated concrete houses are quickly built, easily rebuilt, finished and repaired.

The advantages of aerated concrete are as follows:

  • low cost;
  • ease of processing;
  • light weight;
  • speed and ease of installation;
  • convenient sizes;
  • high fire safety;
  • vapor permeability;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • ecological cleanliness.

Among the disadvantages of this building material can be called fragility, high hygroscopicity and increased requirements for compliance with construction technology. Therefore, when deciding whether to build it yourself or with the help of a company, it is better to give preference to a reliable construction organization with experience in such construction. Our company has enough highly qualified specialists who perform all the work qualitatively. In addition, a 5-year warranty is given for the work performed. The cost of a house from aerated concrete starts at 2300 hryvnia per sq. m, it includes the cost of work and material.

House of ceramic blocks

Using new technologies, you can build a house quickly and efficiently. Ceramoblock has become an excellent competitor to bricks. It has a microporous structure with a ribbed side surface. Ceramic blocks have different sizes, but they are multiple of brickwork in height, so they are convenient to use. For its manufacture only natural material is used: clay, water, fire and small wood shavings. The components included in the ceramic blocks are similar to bricks, but due to the addition of wood shavings, porosity appeared, which made it “warm”.

The advantages of ceramic blocks are as follows:

  • durability;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • energy efficiency
  • strength;
  • fire resistance;
  • frost resistance;
  • high soundproof properties;
  • ability to stabilize indoor humidity;
  • light weight and convenient size.

Our company makes extensive use of this material in construction, while developing an individual project you can order walls made of ceramic blocks, so the construction of your cottage will take less time. In this case, you will receive a warm and environmentally friendly housing.

Foam concrete construction

Although the construction of foam blocks belongs to the latest technologies, but this building material has long been used in construction. Foam concrete is obtained by mixing sand, cement, water with the addition of a foaming agent, due to which it receives a porous structure. Like all building materials, foam concrete has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of foam blocks:

  • high thermal insulation qualities;
  • low cost;
  • ease of installation and speed of construction;
  • light weight;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • high fire safety.

The disadvantage is instability to mechanical damage, high ability to absorb moisture, cracks are possible during shrinkage. Foam concrete construction is quick and inexpensive, the cost of masonry by our specialists is 2,000 hryvnias per 1 sq. m

Monolithic construction

It is possible to build a house using new technology using removable and fixed formwork, which is used in monolithic construction. Houses built using this technology are particularly durable and can withstand fluctuations of up to 8 points, which makes it possible to build houses in seismically hazardous areas. The advantages of monolithic houses are as follows:

  • strength;
  • durability;
  • speed of construction;
  • the possibility of any configuration and layout of the premises;
  • thin walls save space.

The disadvantage is high thermal conductivity, which requires additional thermal insulation, low sound and vapor barrier, high cost of work. Our company builds turnkey monolithic houses. High-quality insulation of houses makes them cozy.

Frame construction

Due to the cheapness and speed of construction, the construction of private houses such as frame construction is gaining more and more popularity. The technology consists in the fact that the wooden frame is sheathed on the outside with OSB boards, and on the outside with any material for interior decoration. If earlier wooden houses were considered to be short-lived, then modern frame houses are vice versa. The tree is treated with special tools, which extends the life of the building to 70 years. In houses with a metal frame, the service life is 100 years. If the insulation is done correctly, then frame houses are very warm and meet the humidity regime. The disadvantage is the high fire hazard, but if the construction technology is followed, it is reduced.

Sandwich panel construction

This technology is widely used in commercial and residential construction. The sandwich panel consists of two metal sheets, inside of which there is a heater. Thanks to grooves they are easily mounted. For residential buildings in panels, instead of metal, pressed wooden sawdust with resin and polystyrene foam is used as a heat insulator. Such houses have high thermal insulation qualities and good environmental friendliness. Building a house takes from two weeks to several months.

If you decide to build a house on your own, you can not do at some stages of construction without outside help. Having contacted KyivNovBud managers, you can specify the cost of KyivNovBud services. For all work performed, we have certificates. At the design stage, the specialists of KyivNovBud company determine which technology is most suitable, the turnkey construction of houses in Kiev and the Kiev region is KyivNovBud specialization. Specialists can calculate the construction budget based on your project or propose a standard project. All prices are indicated in hryvnias, for imported equipment and materials in foreign currency the cost is fixed.

By concluding a turnkey construction contract with KyivNovBud company, the customer shifts all the problems associated with the construction and paperwork, saving his time and saving his nerves. Documents are executed at the same time free of charge. After completion of construction, a free after-sales service is provided for one year. At the same time, KyivNovBud specialists leave at any time at the request of the client. We sensitively work with each client, trying to satisfy all his requirements and wishes.

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