Technology Trends 2022: TOP 7 Business Development Area

Technology Trends 2022: TOP 7 Business Development Area In 2022, businesses will face global digitalization, the rise in the popularity of utility business models, and even more investment in cloud technologies.

In 2022, the main technology trends in business development include new utility business models, global digitalization, the development and application of artificial intelligence, and even greater popularity of cloud technology, and more.

Utility business models

According to Dave Padmos, head of consulting practice in the American sector Technology, Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications (TMT) at EY, traditional sales models will lose their relevance in 2022. They will be replaced by utility business models in which payment for a product / service depends on real consumption (consumption-based)

Due to this approach, everyone will benefit from business and customers. The first will receive new investments, and the second – a cheaper product, as they will pay only for specific consumption and access to the latest technologies.

It is expected that utility models 2022 will be presented in different forms, which depend on time, volume and actual application.

EY surveys of 700 tech companies show that most of them are adopting utility business models. However, only 56% of CEOs believe their marketing teams are digital-ready.

Therefore, according to Dave Padmos, next year technology companies will focus on transforming the functions of sales and marketing, financial planning, analysis and accounting of receipts and, most importantly, will reconfigure (or create) a digital supply chain.

Globally, trading companies will rethink their go-to-market strategies. As a result, there may be a shift from the current transactional sales model to the ongoing management of customer relationships. This suggests that the success of tech companies will be closely correlated with customer satisfaction with their product.

Growth of investments in cloud technologiesTechnology Trends 2022: TOP 7 Business Development Area

At the end of 2018-2019 The bulk of investment of 60% of tech corporations surveyed by EY was in the cloud. At the same time, 53% noted that in the next two years cloud technologies will be their priority in the context of investment.

At the same time, due to the massive transition of employees to remote work due to COVID-19, investments in cloud technologies have already shown a sharp increase.

With this trend in mind, clouds are a serious competitor for digital companies. Therefore, the latter will optimize their costs by introducing cloud innovations. They are expected to bring demand for popular cloud services such as data analytics, workflow automation software and artificial intelligence (AI) in 2022.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence technologies open up great prospects in human interaction schemes  cars or business cars. And although machine learning, neural networks and deep learning have long been appreciated by the world, artificial intelligence is still in its early stages of development.

Among the technologies of tomorrow in this direction  generative AI. It allows you to automatically create 3D and 2D images. It can also be used in healthcare, astronomy and other industries. For example, it can be used to easily create organic molecules, prostheses, design astronomical simulations, develop more energy-intensive batteries for electric cars, and perform a number of other tasks. It can be applied in the field of gambling as well.

Given the unique capabilities of artificial intelligence, it will be much easier for businesses and research centers to advance in their developments and research.

Flexible supply chainsTechnology Trends 2022: TOP 7 Business Development Area

COVID-19 taught that the supply system must function under all circumstances. This means that supply chains must be flexible and able to quickly adapt to any force majeure situation. Given this fact, in 2022, companies are expected to form Rapid Response Teams (RRTs), whose task is  develop several supply scenarios for different cases (decrease or increase in demand, production failure, etc.

To reduce their costs, companies will focus on optimizing sourcing strategies, streamlining production and distribution areas, and moving supply chains into a flexible ecosystem.

The introduction of 5G technology will help increase the number of solutions, which will provide maintenance, quality control, tracking and replacement of warehouse nomenclature. The same technology, according to experts, will allow online casinos to reach a different level of customer relations.

Data protection and disposal

The rapid development of Internet technologies has led to the fact that large amounts of information “ live ” on the Internet and at any second can become the target of hacker attacks.

Both personal data of users and entire databases of large companies can be vulnerable. Therefore, in 2022, the main challenge for technology companies will be to develop and adopt strategies to protect their data. It is important to note that data owners, as well as lawyers, cybersecurity professionals and the IT industry in general, should be involved in developing such strategies. Only with this approach can the result be expected to be applicable in practice.

Data processing platformsTechnology Trends 2022: TOP 7 Business Development Area

In 2022, tech companies will focus their attention even more on working with Big Data. Organizing data will become one of the main challenges for technology companies, which in the past did not attach fundamental importance to it. Today it became clear that Big Data has huge potential and companies have appreciated the relationship between data, business processes and systems.

Therefore, in 2022, the need for specialized platforms for processing data and issuing analytics and solutions for them will grow. Machine learning and blockchain technology will play an important role in this context. The latter is especially popular due to its security, anonymity, low costs and reliability of use.

Let us remind you that a global transformation towards high technologies is expected in the Russian financial sector. In particular, we are talking about the announced introduction of the digital ruble and virtual wallets.

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