What technology trends await us in 2024

gechnology trends 2024 The research company presented the main technology trends 2024. They will have a major impact on the world in the next five to ten years. “Technologytrends” invites you to look into the future that we predicts.

The main technology trends for 2024 look like this:

1. Generative artificial intelligence ( AI)

Generative AI models are machine learning methods that are used to create new, completely original data. We estimates that by 2025, generative artificial intelligence will account for about 10% of all data produced.

2. Independent systems

They have the ability to dynamically change their own algorithms without external software updates, so they can quickly adapt to new conditions, as people do. Autonomous systems are expected to become commonplace in the fields of robots, drones and manufacturing machines.

3. Versatile experience

Universal experience is a business strategy that combines elements such as customer experience, employee experience, and user experience. This approach can increase customer and employee loyalty, as well as financial performance.

4. Distributed enterprise

We predicts that in 2023, the revenues of 75% of enterprises that take advantage of the geographic work model will grow 25% faster than their competitors.

5. AI engineering

The development of systems based on artificial intelligence is an integrated approach to the implementation of AI models. By 2025, companies that adopt AI development best practices will earn at least three times the profits of companies that do not.

6. Hyper-automation

Hyper-automation ensures business resilience. Its says that the most effective hyperautomation teams focus on three key priorities: improving the quality of work, accelerating business processes, and increasing decision agility.

7. Intelligent solutions

Decision intelligence is a practical discipline used to improve the decision-making process through a well-designed system of decision-making, evaluating results, managing them and improving them with feedback. In the next two years, a third of large organizations will use this method to increase their competitive advantage.

8. Composable Applications

Volatility calls for agility, which requires an architecture that can support rapid and secure application change. Composable application architecture provides this adaptability, and companies that adopt this approach will outperform competitors by 80% in the speed of implementing new features.

9. Completely cloud platforms

Cloud platforms are needed to digitalize services anywhere in the world. We predicts that cloud platforms will power more than 95% of new digital initiatives by 2025.

10. Confidential Computing

Techniques that protect information at the data, software, or hardware level ensure that data is exchanged and analyzed securely without compromising privacy. By 2025, 60% of large companies will use one or more computing methods that strengthen the protection of customer data.

11. Cybersecurity networks

Cybersecurity networks are a distributed architectural approach to flexible and reliable information security management. This way you can provide an integrated security structure and protect all assets, regardless of location. By 2024, companies implementing such networks will cut financial losses from certain security incidents by 90%.

12. Data Matrix

There is a worldwide demand for data matrices — flexible yet robust integrations between platforms and business users. With built-in analytics, they can improve information processing, reducing data management efforts by up to 70% and reducing payback time.

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